Anonymous asked: " no, that is infact part of the games story. Are there people out there who honesty aren't aware of the fact the game has a plot?! "

I never said that there wasn’t a story? I just meant that the situation for which Zelda takes on her alter ego as Sheik in Hyrule Warriors is somewhat similar to that of Ocarina of Time. And that Zelda and Sheik appearing on the same screen while you play the game is just because you can and has nothing to do with the story of the game. Unless there is a plot device for it, which I think would be interesting.


Ruto - Hyrule Warriors

Anonymous asked: " IGN had some footage of new info shown at the sandiago comicon, but it was quickly taken down since some onfo was shared that shouldn't have been.What was revealed is Yes, Sheik is indeed Zelda in desguise, and she faked her own death to go into hiding. Only Impa knows who she is. "

Similar to Ocarina of Time, I suppose. 

But I’m guessing, due to the nature of the game, that having Sheik and Zelda at the same exact time is just cuz you can. Not really story-based at all. Although, it would be interesting to see it become part of the story for why these two would exist in battle at the same time.

Seriously though… we all know who we’re waiting for.


Now that Sheik is confirmed… I want to know how they’re gonna explain this whole Sheik and Zelda existing at the same time thing. Unless they already have. In which case, can someone tell me? Hahaha.

Ocarina of Time Link and Zelda in Hyrule Warriors.


Hyrule Warriors - Sheik and Impa


Hyrule Warriors - Goron Chief Darunia

Totally called Princess Ruto and Darunia joining Hyrule Warriors. Now for Nabooru…