Hyrule Warriors Nintendo DirectMonday, August 4th at 8PM PT/11PM ET
And now we wait…

Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct
Monday, August 4th at 8PM PT/11PM ET

And now we wait…

Update: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS3)

Some of these end game boss fights are just ridiculous.

Maleficent was kind of annoying… Then I found the Ramuh’s Belt accessory which made it slightly easier. Eventually figured out a good strategy and beat her.

Maleficent’s Dragon form on the other hand… It just seemed impossible… Then I got introduced to the whole Stop + Gravity + Gravity trick. Cheap trick, right? Well, wrong. It still took me like fifteen tries to get it right. Used majority of my Ethers and whatnot trying to defeat her. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have defeated her otherwise. There really isn’t a great place to grind at this point.

And now Riku… I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The camera in this game is absolutely horrible. Riku wasn’t a difficult fight, really. But the fact that the camera couldn’t correctly follow me was really annoying. Riku’s first two bars were fairly easy. His last bar was troublesome until I figured out that his large area of effect attack didn’t really touch you in certain places. After that, he was cake.

Now I’m not sure whether I’m just going to continue or if I’m going to just keep training since better training options are available. I’ll probably go with the latter. I’ll probably end up training in Traverse Town because there’s a “circuit” there that constantly refreshes. When you enter the Hotel, you fight in the Hallway, then the Green Room, the Red Room, then repeat. It’s decent experience, but it’s quick too. Not sure how long I’m going to do this for, though… I just know that the rest of the end game bosses are going to kick my ass if I don’t…


The Legend of Zelda: Pulling the Sword 

Just let me whip this out for you…

Damn it, I got hit!
That was half of my health bar!
Cast Cur—… Fuck! I died!

A haiku about playing Kingdom Hearts in Proud Mode.


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